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The George Lounge, affectionately known as the Snakepit, resides in the Basement of the famous George Hotel, on the corner of Fitzroy and Grey Streets in St Kilda. The legendary little bar has a long and colourful history spanning decades. It has been revamped into a glamorous late-night lounge. Our aim is to provide you with a memorable experience in a luxe setting. Fine cocktails and fine spirits, with a particular focus on Australian craft spirits, together with the classics from around the world. Wonder down the stairs and let us look after you...


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No matter the occasion, the George Lounge will provide you with the perfect backdrop, and brings a little bit of cool to any event. Contact us to find out more


The George Lounge has a long and colourful past. Like other basement bars it gained the nickname - the snakepit. During the 70s it was reserved for the roughest characters from around Melbourne, with locals calling it the Flying Jug for what used to happen once its patrons had had their fill.

During the nineties and naughties the George Public Bar was a pumping nightclub bar. There were lines outside and patrons packed in inside, and almost everyone who was 18 - 25 during these years has a story to tell about a night at the Snakepit.  

Earlier this year the George Lounge had a little facelift, and is now ready for the next stage of its interesting life... as the George Lounge. Through the refit we tried to create a welcoming and comfortable cocktail lounge setting where you can come, relax and unwind while listening to great tunes in a luxe setting. Whether it's for after work drinks, a birthday celebration or a corporate cocktail event, we are sure you will have a great evening with us.

Fine cocktails, fine spirits, great tunes and good times. Join us @ the George Lounge



The Snake Pit_0005.jpg

add a bit of cool to your next function...

Whether its after work drinks, a birthday, engagement or a corporate event, let us look after you and ensure your event is one to remember. 

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